I have always loved candles. I love candles with different colours, with scents, and all kinds of shapes and sizes. But most of all I love beeswax candles. The light honey scent and the warm glow that beeswax produces – it doesn’t get any better than that! Well it does get a little better as beeswax candles burn clean. When beeswax burns it creates negative ions. Anything ‘floating in the air’ like dust, mold, pollen (to name just a few) does so because it is positively charged (positive ions). When negative ions are released they attract the positive ions. Negative ions are heavier and when they bond with the positive ions, they cause them to “fall” out of the air. This is a pretty simplistic explanation – if you would like a more complex description, let me know and I can send you to a few websites.

I try to buy local whenever I can and there are lots of great sources of Ontario beeswax. I am fortunate to have a friend who lives near The Honey House in Clarksburg. She buys beeswax there and brings it down to the city for me. I have not yet been able to go visit the store in person but I hope to do that this summer and see all of the wonderful

Bees secrete a thin layer of white wax to seal the honey in the comb. These are called cappings and they are removed when a beekeeper extracts the honey from the comb. The cappings are cleaned and melted. The honey in the cappings is what gives us the sweet yellow beeswax that we all enjoy burning.

In addition to making candles, I use beeswax in a number of my cosmetic products. Beeswax is a great emulsifier – it binds together oils and waters. Depending on how much you use, your mixture can be hard or soft. Beeswax forms a barrier on the skin and does not penetrate the outer layers so it is often used to make protective ointments. I use it primarily in my Baby Balm – good for both diaper rashes and general small cuts or scrapes in young children. I even use it myself for paper cuts at the office! Beeswax is also used in the lip balm base that I mix for my lime, orange, and spearmint lip balms.

For my candles, as much as I would love to make hand dipped candles, I just do not have the facilities at this point to do that. So my beeswax candles are made with silicone moulds. I found a site online that deals specifically with beeswax candle making. http://www.busybeecandlesupply.ca/ They have been lovely to deal with and I look forward to buying more of their many, many moulds and wicking so I can make all kinds of different candles!

Enjoy some clean burning beeswax candles!