One of the first essential oils I worked with was Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens). I fell in love with the scent immediately and as I discovered its benefits, I knew it was an oil I would use for the rest of my life!

Geranium essential oil (EO) comes from the leaves and twigs of the geranium shrub, commonly through steam distillation. It is a balancing essential oil that I find it has a light, flowery scent.

A key factor in my love of Geranium is its hormone balancing properties. Geranium EO is great at equalizing the hormonal swings during menstruation or menopause. Personally I find it also lessens my cramps and makes my life bearable for those couple of days each month when in the past I have been racked with pain that on occasion caused me to miss school or work.

Geranium EO is great for your skin as well and is good for all skin types. Whether as a body oil or lotion or as a facial cream, it makes my dry skin soft and smooth. It helps restore circulation and balance to your skin tone.

With both analgesic and sedative properties, it is a very calming essential oil and can be helpful with treating anxiety.

In some of the research I have recently read, it mentions that Geranium EO is a good mosquito repellent due to the level of terpenes it contains. When this weather finally warms up and we get some insects, I’ll have a better idea on how well it works. And it is said that Geranium EO is good for jet lag and I look forward to being able to test that theory the next time I go somewhere outside of my time zone!

Photo by Forest & Kim Starr

Photo by Forest & Kim Starr