Next week I will be working my first outdoor street festival! To be honest it is both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. While this past week has been busy with theatre going, the weeks leading up to this have been filled with product making. And there is still more to make. Yikes! It will be a busy week to come and that old self doubt pops up occasionally that I won’t be ready. But I’m not listening to it this time. I am moving ahead and doing the best that I can do. That is all anyone can ever do.

I am looking at this as a jumping off point for a new direction in my life. There are lots of big changes ahead for me. There will be more on that later in August. I have more hands on courses to take in September, online studying to finish, another therapy to learn, and treatments to offer. In the meantime, I’m focusing the next few weeks on promoting my products, launching a makeup line (it is coming, really it is!), and starting to do Reiki treatments again.

If you are in Toronto, come and visit my booth next weekend at the BIG On Bloor Festival. I’m not sure yet of my exact location but I’ll be somewhere on Bloor Street between Lansdowne and Bloor. I’ll be posting more info on facebook and twitter as I get it. Not in Toronto? Tell everyone that you know and I’m sure that somewhere along the connections someone will come and visit me that you know.

BIG On Bloor Festival – July 20, 2013 – noon to 9pm; July 21, 2013 – noon to 6pm.