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Lavender is a scent that most everyone is probably familiar with as it is so popular! The essential oil seems like one of the most widely used for both treatments and cosmetics. I have a Lavender line with my body care products – lotion, oil, bath crystals, body scrubs, soap.

Lavender EO is distilled from the flowers of the plant. It is probably best known as a calming and relaxing scent. Rejuvenating and balancing, it is a favourite for skin care products. And it can be used on all skin types – another reason it is so popular I’m sure.

For treatments, lavender has analgesic and antibacterial properties making it great for soothing minor burns and healing scrapes. These are the two main things that I use it for at the moment. Lavender EO is also a great ‘bring together’ oil, helping harmonize a blend of essential oils.

And even though it is generally a calming oil, in large quantities it is actually a stimulant. So all you lavender lovers out there – pace yourselves!