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Things are official now! A few weeks ago I decided to leave my full time job and everything is now worked out. So on August 23rd I will finish working at the St. Lawrence Centre and go back to being self employed! The time has come to move on to a new stage in my life.

So what is the plan? Basically it is two fold.

First I’m going to work part time with Music Toronto in Communications. In the short term that will essentially be ramping up their social media with an eye to long term involvement at Music Toronto. For those of you unfamiliar with Music Toronto, it is an organization that presents classical chamber music. I have been involved with them for production over the past few years since they present their concerts at the St. Lawrence Centre. I have really enjoyed working with MTO in my current capacity and am looking forward to this new chapter in my arts career!

Secondly I am going to focus on building my Lazy Cat Oils business. I will continue to make and sell my body care products. I’m already looking at shows in the fall. I will also finally be able to spend some time developing some of the new items that are in my head! On most Wednesday’s I’ll be up at Shannah Rose in Orangeville. http://www.shannahrose.com/ I’ll be helping out at the store in general those days and will be available to talk about my Lazy Cat Oils products to customers up there.

The fall will also allow me to finish off my initial set of courses and start offering treatments. I will be offering Reiki treatments, Aromatherapy consults, and eventually Qi Drop treatments (an essential oil treatment that I will be learning this fall). I have recently starting doing Reiki treatments again and I hadn’t realized how much I missed it. I look forward to being able to have some ‘regular’ office hours for treatment appointments.

And I will continue to study as I follow the holistic health care path. I’m going to have to take that Anatomy class at some point soon!

For all of my theatre friends and connections who are wondering ‘but what will become of your involvement in theatre?’ Never fear I shall still be around. In the short term I may look at the occasional short term stage management gig and I shall always be a faithful audience member. Besides the Arts are good for your health and that is what my future is all about – what is good for a healthy life!