This past week I had some more labels printed and I realized that I should perhaps talk a bit about some of my wonderful suppliers!

My labels are designed by the fabulous Suzanne Courtney ( and they are printed by Kemik Labels Ltd. (

Now Suzanne I have known for years and we have worked together on several projects. I love her work and that fact that she seems to be able to read my mind when it comes to the look I want but can’t describe is an amazing bonus! It was a no brainer for me when I knew I needed a designer for the company look.

It was a different story when I decided to look at the possibility of having labels printed. I have dealt with several printers in the past but they deal with bulk copying or poster printing and I knew they were not equipped to print small labels to stick on bottles. I honestly didn’t know if there was anyone who even did that! So I put technology to work and did a google search. A couple of suggestions came up with the first one being Kemik. I went to check out their website and was thrilled not only to find someone who did exactly what I was looking for but was also essentially local since they are located in Scarborough. Now came the big question, how expensive would it be to have custom labels printed? They have a handy feature on their website that allowed me to input what I was looking for and it calculated a price. Yep, it was even affordable! Since I knew I was looking at ordering a pretty large quantity of labels, I decided to phone and speak to someone in person. That was my introduction to Michele who has been an amazing help over the past several months of printing! She immediately sent me samples of their different types of labels and I plunged in head first into printing my labels. I was soon to discover in my many dealings with Kemik that they are a small family run business that delivers the goods with professionalism and heart.

While I was very happy with everything at the point of my first order, I was still a little concerned about applying the labels to the bottles. Was I going to be able to get them straight? Would it take me hours to do? Would I ruin the bottle it I didn’t get it right the first time and had to peel off the label? Well I’m not sure that the labels could be any easier to apply! They go on easily, taking only a moment for me to line up on any of my containers – and I apply them freehand. If I get one a little crooked when I start then I can peel it back and try again. I think I have only thrown out one label in the past several months because I couldn’t get it straight and peeled it off a few times and final got it stuck to itself. Not sure how I did it but it definitely was not the label’s fault!

It is always great when you end up with great people to work with. If you are in the Toronto area, I definitely would recommend Suzanne and Kemik. And if you aren’t in TO, then do some searching and spend the time looking for people and businesses that are the right fit for you. Nothing makes life smoother than having good company along on your journey!