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One of the most fun things about the courses I took last September was making natural makeup. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and never really have. It was amazing to see how simple the process could be to make natural makeup. And I’m still amazed by the various shades you can make. One of the ways to make colours for makeup is to mix micas and oxides.

Micas come for the minerals of muscovite and silicate. There are different sizes of mica and the sizes of the mica particles determine if it has a satiny appearance or a sparkle look. Larger micas provide the sparkle and smaller micas give the satin appearance.

To give the micas a colour they are coated with oxides. Oxides come from irons like hematite. There are a variety of different oxides such as black, red, brown, yellow, green and blue. By mixing them you can create a wide range of colours.

You can buy micas in a variety of colours that have already been mixed like the ones in this picture.
various micas

Then you can mix them again with each other to create even more shades. Or you can create your own coloured micas by rubbing mica with a coloured oxide. This green is one that I did last year during our class.
Green mica

And while they are in powder form, the colours you buy or make can be used in all kinds of makeup – eye shadows, foundations, lipsticks, blush – liquid, cream, or powder.

I still don’t wear makeup often but now when I do at least I know that I have made it myself!