Keeping things simple has always appealed to me. If it doesn’t have to be complicated, why make it that way. I try to apply the same theory to the products I make and the ingredients I use – simple and easy to use.

LCO’s Bath Oils definitely fall into these categories as they require only two ingredients – fractionated coconut oil and an essential oil. I do enjoy blending EOs but there is something to be said for using them alone as well. I use geranium, lavender, and orange for my bath oils and I find that they have a refreshing, clean, crisp scent by using them in their own in the carrier oil.

I spoke about Fractionated Coconut Oil in one of my blog back in June.

I have looked in a bit more as to what it actually means for the coconut oil to be fractionated. The process involved removes the long-chain fatty acids and leaves behind the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) from the coconut oil. The final product of FCO is a very light oil that absorbs easily into your skin. It moisturizes well. It is clear and odorless. And it doesn’t stain when it comes in contact with fabric (either your clothes or your sheets). This makes it a great massage oil!

As I mentioned in that previous blog, FCO disperses well in water. It does not leave the same kind of icky ring around the bath tub when it is used as a bath oil.

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