Like many of the citrus EOs, Orange essential oil is obtained from the peel. The extraction method is called “expression”. The peel is squeezed to release the essential oil. It does take a lot of pressure to squeeze the oil from the peel so it is not something that is done by hand!

Orange EO is a very versatile essential oil. With a fresh, crisp scent, I enjoy it in a bath or a body scrub. It is great for dull or oily skin. As with most essential oils, it should be mixed with a carrier oil or a base lotion/cream and not applied directly to the skin.

It is also great as a household cleaning product. There are many commercial products out there that advertise using orange oil. I use it the liquid soap mix I make for my laundry.

While we were in Sacramento, California recently, we were actually able to see a number of orange trees just growing out in the middle of the city!

Orange tree