We recently came back from a wonderful vacation. It was a very busy trip with lots of sightseeing and tons of activity. And yet still it was relaxing! It always amazes me how we can be twice as busy when we are away and yet come back feeling revitalized.

But in a short time back at home that lovely feeling can disappear. Why is that? Frankly my vacation was busier than most of my normal days here in the city. Some will say it is the stress of being back at work but I’m self employed and love what I do. Money worries tend to be another easy excuse. It would be easy to blame it on the stress of making sure those bills are paid but that issue still existed while on vacation. In fact if money was the reason then I would have felt worse on the trip as all we were doing was spending and for two weeks I wasn’t generating any income. So why do we generally feel less relaxed and revitalized when we are home? What is the difference?

I feel it is how we allocate our time. While away on vacation, it was so much easier to find time to spend on me. You may say an entire vacation is about the self. But that isn’t true really. While you are enjoying yourself, you do still have to meet other schedules (for example buildings are only open at certain times), deal with a lot of new people and new environments, plan what to do next, etc. However, it also becomes easier to spend some time that is completely devoted to oneself. I was able to relax in a bathtub, go for a swim, sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, or walk in a park. Sometimes it was as simple as being able to spend the time in the morning and evening to pamper my feet with cream. Most of these things I can easily do here at home as well – but end up not doing.

We seem to get trapped into a cycle of working and doing things for or with others. All of that is a benefit to us as well but I think we need to remember to spend a little bit of time each day just on ourselves. Even it is just to pamper ourselves for 5 minutes with some foot cream.