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For the past week I have been taking some more classes. Last Saturday I took a class Qi Drop Therapy with Jan Benham. It was amazing and I’m looking forward to adding this to my list of treatment options in a couple of months!

Qi Drop Therapy is a treatment developed by Jan based on her many areas of study over several years. It combines the application of neat essential oils, acupressure, massage and compress application. While the essential oils are applied to the back and legs, the result is an introduction of essential oils to treat the entire system. The focus is on energy alignment, the spine, and fighting viruses. It helps bring balance to your system using 13 different essential oils. The treatment is done on a massage table and takes around an hour. For me this week, it was a great way to help clear my lungs which had once again become fluid and mucous filled upon our return after our California vacation to the smog and humidity of Toronto.

For me, it was a great introduction to a few oils that I haven’t had the pleasure of working with yet such as Cypress and Ravensara. I’m looking forward to doing some more studying on all of the essential oils we used (yes – you can expect some blog posts on specific oils soon!). During the class, each student was able to give a treatment and receive a treatment. It is a wonderful way as a student to get a full appreciation of the treatment. Soon I will have my essential oil kit with everything I need to administer this treatment. I have a number of training treatments to do before I offer it up to the general public but I’m looking forward to getting started with Qi Drop and I’m looking forward to having some of my fellow students do treatments on me!