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As many of you know, I recently spent a week taking a course on Holistic Skin Care with Jan Benham. If you follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LazyCatOils then you might have seen a few pictures like this one


Me getting a kaolin clay mask!

Aside from being a great week of receiving treatments from my fellow students, it was a wonderful week of learning. We spoke about different skin types and discussed some common skin problems. We have notes on a variety of skin issues (and lots of things I want to research). With seven of us in the class, we were fortunate to have a nice variety of skin types and facial structures to work on – allowing us both to learn the techniques in general and to modify them for different people. We spoke about what you need to set up a treatment space and running a business in general. It sparked so many ideas, as Jan’s classes usually do for me!

Many years ago when I worked in the corporate world, I went for facials on a monthly basis. Life changed, my income dropped, my esthetician moved, and I eventually stopped getting facials. I did some at home facials but it is never quite the same. Over the past year I have done more of them at home since I was finally able to make my own products. And now I feel confident about being able to give facials to others. Whether it includes the dreaded extraction of blackheads or is just a relaxation facial, the benefits are evident for both the skin and the soul. And you can bet I’ll be swapping treatments as often as I can with my fellow students!