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We use a lot of interesting things in natural skin care. Clays, oatmeal, and sugars are some of the more well known items. One that I find extremely interesting is seaweed!

Jan, my teacher, has several recipes using seaweed extract and seaweed gel. Her extract and gel contain the following extracts: Sargassum Fillipendula, Hypnea musciformis, Gelidiella acerosa. Her extracts come from algae off the coast of Brazil.

Hypnea musciformis and Gelidiella acerosa are two different kinds of red algae. Sargassum filipendula is a brown algae. They all contain a lot of natural anti-oxidants and nutrients that can be used for the skin. These three types of seaweed and their extracts are used in over a hundred different skin and hair care products in the world – including masks, moisturizers, anti-aging treatments, shampoos, and body muds to name a few. Gelidiella acerosa and Sargassum filipendula are also harvested as edible seaweed and can be eaten raw or cooked.

At this point I am primarily using them in the extract and gel form for their anti-aging properties and their moisturizing abilities. I have focused on the extract for the past few weeks and I do enjoy using it as a eye serum. Next up I plan to be using the gel on a nightly basis to keep some moisture in my skin during the winter with our crazy radiator heating!