My path to find my current teacher, Jan Benham, started in 2011 with an internet search on reflexology courses. I wanted to find a class that did not involve me taking an entire year or two year long massage therapy course. My search led me to Jan’s website and my path shifted slightly as I decided to actively pursue the aromatherapy side of things.

This past week Jan announced her course schedule for 2014 and she’ll be teaching reflexology in Toronto in October 2014! You can find a full list of Jan’s classes here: http://www.aromashoppe.com/course-schedule-52-c.asp

What is reflexology? It is the application of pressure on specific areas of the feet and hands (generally). The areas correspond with zones in the rest of the body and the stimulation of the area helps the zone rebalance.

Personally I have long believed that taking care of your feet helps your entire body. There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet and they do quite a lot of work everyday. And most times we don’t even think about them. Even when our feet are tired and sore, we are generally apt to just sit for a while to rest and not do anything directly to assist our feet.

While it is several months away, I’m looking forward with great anticipation to taking the reflexology course next October!