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Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) essential oil quickly became another favourite of mine when I started using it. The EO is distilled from the resin of the tree and belongs to the Burseraceae botanical family, which includes Myrrh.

Frankincense has many good qualities which is one of the reasons it is the second oil used in Qi Drop. At the moment, I’ll just focus on two qualities that relate to skin care. It is both astringent and cytophylactic. Astringent means that it tightens tissue. Cytophylactic refers to cell regeneration when looking at skin care. In general it is about increasing the cells that help fight infection and inflammation in the body making it another useful EO when looking at full treatments down the road.

In terms of skin care, this is an EO that is well suited for more mature skin or prematurely aged skin (from sun exposure or heavy smoking, for example). It helps tighten the existing skin tissue (helping banish those fine wrinkles) and stimulates new cell growth to help give you a healthy complexion. I use it frequently on my clients with the holistic skin care facials!