This past Thursday I swapped some treatments with a fellow student, something several of us do whenever we can! She is trained in reflexology and was curious about the Reiki treatments I do. And we both do Qi Drop. So we decided to combine some treatments and swap. I gave her a Qi Drop treatment and followed it with a Reiki session. And then she gave me a Qi Drop treatment and followed it with Reflexology session.

What a great way to spend a couple of hours! I love giving treatments almost as much as I love receiving them. And for me there is nothing better than sharing treatments with a fellow student. Not only do I get the benefit of the actual treatment, but I get the opportunity to discuss the various impacts of those treatments and get ideas on ways to improve the entire experience for other clients.

This was the first time I was able to experience a full reflexology treatment. My fellow student had done a mini foot reflexology treatment on me a few weeks back but we hadn’t had time for the full session. I was pretty sure it was something I would enjoy and I was right. It was amazing! I could feel a difference immediately as the treatment progressed – a release of tension, a lightness in my feet and legs. Most of us think of treating the feet when we think of reflexology. In fact, reflexology covers much more than that and uses pressure points on the head, face, hands, and feet. And the benefit can be felt through out the entire body. I am so looking forward to learning how to give reflexology treatments this fall!