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Mandarin (Citrus reticulata) EO is cold pressed from the peel of the fruit. It is part of the Rutaceae biological family which also contains the other citrus fruits.  Mandarin trees are smaller than orange trees and generally grow in Europe.  Tangerines are botanically the same as mandarins and generally grown in the U.S. Mandarin is also used in Chinese medicine and it is said that the name mandarin links back to the Mandarins of China and the probable origins of the original plant.

I first encountered Mandarin EO when looking a blends to help with stretch marks for some pregnant friends.  We don’t use many essential oils during pregnancy or on young children.  However, Mandarin EO is one of the gentlest and is often one that can be used in both of these instances.  It is good for helping to prevent stretch marks and is very calming.  For facial skin care, Mandarin EO can be used in a blend for those with sensitive skin.