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This morning I cut up the second batch of Castile soap that I made this week. I do enjoy making Castile soap. It is simple and straightforward and relatively easy to make. The only ingredients are water, lye, and olive oil. Mixed in the right proportions, this combination of ingredients gives you a lovely soap that is hard to the touch but not harsh on the body.

I do sell Castile soap on its own and in a liquid form but mainly I make it, grate it, and use it to make new soap combinations, like my Chocolate Spice Soap. I have a couple of new combinations that I want to try out over the summer and have ready for this fall. While the mixing process is fairly straightforward, it takes a while for soap to dry and harden. Hence the reason for making soap this week! This way it will be ready for me to play with in August when my schedule is a little freer.