It occurred to me that I have tried to include the botanical family connections in my EO posts but I don’t think I have ever discussed what botanical families are in general.

All plants are divided up into classes, then orders, then families. Most of the plants that we are dealing with as EOs are part of the class called Angiosperms. This means they produce seeds within an enclosure. They are often called flowering plants and include fruit producing plants.

Next plants are divided into orders. There are several orders under the Angiosperms class that we see on a regular basis. They include:
Magnoliales – woody plants that flower
Geranioles – mostly herbaceous or shrubby plants that have 5-parted regular flowers
Tubiflorae – plants with tubular flowers
and several others!

Family is the next division. One order can have multiple families. And a family can have several different plants in it. In general these plants have some similar qualities when it comes to looking at what their EOs do. I’ll take a look at the various families and their properties over the next few weeks here on the blog!