Let’s take a look at the botanical order of Rutales. There are two families connected to this order that I deal with a lot.

The first is the Rutaceae family. This is where all of the citrus plants belong! In general, plants of the Rutaceae family are detoxifying. They aid digestion by stimulating the flow of gastric juices. They also tend to be uplifting and calming in nature. With skin care, I use orange EO with my sugar scrub. Lemon EO is incorporated occasionally into my treatments at the clinic. And Bergamot EO is one of the ingredients of my facial compress oil. I also use citrus EOs frequently in my cleaning products around the house.

The second family under the Rutales order is the Burseraceae family. This includes frankincense and myrrh. I use these two EOs very often, both personally and in my treatments for others. General properties include helping soothe dry respiratory issues, wound healing, and again a calming nature. I often use frankincense in my facial treatments. Myrrh I use at home to help heal small cuts and as one ingredient in my mouthwash (a mix of water, baking soda, peppermint EO, and myrrh EO).